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Conte Pastels
Conte Paris Pastel Soft Pastels are renowned for their velvety colours which are soft but not crumbly. They can be easily blended using a tortillion. Their consistency means they are favoured by artists all around the world, and are produced by the worlds leading manufacturer of dry art products - Conte Paris.

Product Description   Unit Were   Our Price
Conte Pastels Armor Greenea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Black Bea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Black HBea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Blackish Brown 9 ea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Blackish-Brownea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Blue Greenea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Blue Violetea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Bordeauxea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Bright Redea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Brown 1ea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Brown Greyea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Burnt Siennaea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Burnt Umberea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Carmine Lakeea$2.90$1.45
Conte Pastels Chinese Redea$2.90$1.45
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