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Masterart Professional Grade Canvases have been made in New Zealand since 2001, developed to meet the needs of professional artists that desired to have high quality, hand stretched canvases at a reasonable price. All Masterart stretcher bars are made in our Tauranga factory from hand selected kiln dried radiata pine.

Masterart Exrta Heavy Duty SE65 stretcher bars are made from laminated timber to give a final machined dimension of 65 mm high by 60 mm thick which gives additional strength, and reduces the possibility of twisting. Masterart EXTRA DEEP canvases are designed to give a strong 3 dimenensional effect to your art work.
All Masterart Professional Grade canvases come standard with our pre-primed, ready to use 350 gsm (12 oz) polyester/cotton blended canvas that is ideal for those artists wanting professionally hand stretched canvases for all art works, big or small. However, we also import 12 and 14 oz 100% cotton canvas that is suited to artists that are wanting a more pronounced weave and texture.

SIZING: Because Masterart SE65 Extra Deep canvases have considerably more strength than our standard Professional grade canvases (32 mm deep) we are able to make them in larger sizes and there is an additional benefit of being able to stretch the canvas with higher tension. If Extra deep canvases are not your thing, you might want to consider our SE45 very heavy duty stretched canvases that are made from our 40 mm deep laminated stretcher bar.

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