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Today - 20" x 20" Masterart PrExhibition Grade Canvases

with Pre-primed canvas (pack of 6 canvases)
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Masterart Exhibition canvases: are ideal for those artists wanting professionally hand crafted stretched canvases that are produced for those on a budget. Made with 100% cotton, pre-primed canvas and Masterart's 32 mm deep Heavy Duty strainer bars Masterart Exhibition grade canvases are ideal for all smaller applications (for larger more sturdy canvases try our Professional grade or SE45 canvas with laminated stretcher bars).


JUST $178.75 per pack of 6

March Monthly Special

10% off Masterart Professional Grade Canvases - with our unique 12 oz pre-primed RT12 canvas

Masterart Professional Grade Canvases (standard sizes)
Masterart proudly produces some of the best artists grade canvases in New Zealand. Years of research, testing of materials, applying different methods of assembly and stretching of canvases means that the canvas that you buy from Tanji's Art Supplies will endure well in to the future.

Our pre-primed, ready to use Polyester / Cotton blended canvases are ideal for all art works, big or small. Masterart's RT12 - 350 gsm (12 oz) cotton / polyester blended canvas is made uniquely for us and has been selected for its tremendous strength and rip resistance. With a high proportion of polyester fibre, the canvas has considerably lower moisture absorbtion than natural fibre canvases like cotton or linen and is less inclined to slump or go floppy when humidity rates are lower.

With Heavy Duty, 32 mm deep kiln dried, radiata pine interlocking stretcher bars that are made in our rural Tauranga factory, we can essentially make you any size canvas that you would like, either standard size or a custom sized canvas to meet you requirements. Masterart canvases are suitable for oils, acrylic and mixed media artists.